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Okay, so you are probably thinking, “Oh boy, another contractor luring me in to tell me how great he is!” Well, you could not be more off track. If you really would like to know more about us, continue surfing our website. Our Contractor Checklist really is a list that we have put together for YOU to use. It is based on not only my knowledge as a contractor but also on mistakes I have made in hiring other contractors. Early on in this business, I developed an appreciation for contractors and would much rather you would seek out someone that will treat you well versus someone that is only in it for what they can get out of you! This checklist, if used constantly, will help you find contractors that will complete your project in a way that doesn’t give you ulcers.

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Take the fear out of hiring the wrong contractor by following our 4 simple steps. Let us send you our Free steps which includes an easy to follow checklist.

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