Gravel Parking & Roads

We have seen and traversed improperly prepared parking areas and service roads. It’s a mess when the spring rains hit and the puddles grow into lakes. Contrary to what Hollywood leads one to believe, most farmers are actually particular about maintaining their equipment, vehicles, and property. While occasionally you may have to “farmer that in” or quickly patch a leak, most of your operations are top quality. So why should your gravel drives and parking areas be any different? Gravel roads and parking areas turn into one big pain if they are not installed correctly. If installed correctly, maintenance is rarely an issue.

Parking Lot Makeover

Recently we completed an amazing parking lot makeover. In the beginning, the parking lot was basically just a dirt pad with lots of tire tracks and ruts. But soon we removed the debris, smoothed and packed the dirt. Then we added a layer of gravel and again packed it down. Now we have a great parking area that is free of trip hazards and puddles. We can do the same for you, just give us a call at 545-6940.

Stack Yards & Parking Lots:

When you call us to help you build stack yards or parking areas, we begin with the evaluation! We assess the lay of the land for proper drainage or other concerns that need to be addressed in order to minimize problems in the future. We create and design stack yards with correct drainage so that your bottom bales don’t sit in a swamp and rot. Our service roads have the correct slopes so that the water runs off rather than puddles. Our parking lots are installed and then can be rolled to give them a hard surface feel without the cost of asphalt or cement. We can make your parking areas meet OSHA requirements. If you have an existing parking area that needs upgrading or brought up to requirements, we can do that too. We can also keep you on a maintenance schedule so that you can stay ahead of the tripping hazards and within the OSHA requirements.

Drives and Service Roads:

When you need a road or drive completed we will cut it in properly addressing drainage and placement.


Correct slope improves drainage