My Dad and I agree on most things but there are a few things that we agree to disagree about. One of which would be whether to use landscape rock or bark. He likes to tell me that bark is the only way to go! I agree that fresh laid bark looks great and smells nice for a week or two, but after that rock wins every time. Here are the top reasons to choose rock for your next landscape improvement project.

  1.  Rock maintains its color much longer than bark.
  2. Landscape rock makes great mulch. Our 1″ Clear Crush is small enough that it won’t bother the plants and it helps hold water in the soil. The first time I discovered this I was trenching through a non-irrigated area.  The dirt was powder dry until I came to a gravel road which had moisture from the top down.
  3. Rock comes in all kinds of types, colors and shades while bark is bark… unless you use dyed bark.
  4. Lay rock and you are done for a long time. I landscaped my first house in 2001 and the rock we used is still there doing its job. Bark needs refreshed every year!
  5. The final reason comes from reading Louis L’amour books. Over and over again, he would mention that a house should blend in with the surrounding environment. I will leave it to you to decide.  In the dry, semi desert of the Columbia Basin, what fits in better?  Rock or bark?

The best thing about Dad and I’s relationship is that we can have a fun debate and not get too mad. (Although the time he told me he thought Obama was doing a great job, I was speechless for a while.) This was in his first term.  I think he may have been joking, but I haven’t asked since as there are some things I am scared to know!